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Work life balance beyond the glass ceiling

By Paula Ruiz Torres | May 3, 2017
Paula Ruiz Rorres

Balancing work and private life is not an easy task for European workers in general, let alone female professionals and managers. Often, they are forced to choose between the pursuit of a potentially good career, which would mean either giving up on maternity in the hope of, at best, attaining a position on a board of directors – something which is very unlikely – or alternatively settling down to have a family, thereby accepting that the only option open to them will be an average job whilst they try to juggle work and family life.

Time to end unpaid internships!

By Martin Jefflen | February 20, 2017

A strike today demanding the end to unpaid internships clearly shows that there is need for better conditions for interns. Internships should be paid.

Sapin 2 – a better protection for whistleblowers in France

By Ute Meyenberg | December 20, 2016

Significant progress has been made in France on the subject of whistleblower protection and corporate due diligence. A growing work coordination of NGOs, trade unions and academics proved to be important for the process.

Stress at work – a cost to reduce

By Nayla Glaise | December 9, 2016

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) published in 2013 a synthesis of studies on. The results illustrate the need for action: the costs of stress caused by work are exorbitant in relation to the benefits that prevention policies can bring.

Stress au Travail – un coût à réduire

By Nayla Glaise | December 9, 2016

L’Agence européenne pour la sécurité et la santé au travail (EU-OSHA) a publié en 2013 une synthèse d’études sur le coût des risques psychosociaux. Les résultats illustrent la nécessité d’agir : la facture du stress au travail est exorbitante au regard des bénéfices que peuvent apporter les politiques de prévention.

Psychosocial risk management as part of a CSR strategy

By Paula Ruiz Torres | October 31, 2016
Paula Ruiz Rorres

Employers should put employees´ mental health at the very top of the agenda especially at this time of ongoing and continuous changes in the labor market that are affecting a key dimension of job quality – health and safety – and which are contributing to the increase of psychosocial risks at a great extent.

Whistleblowers must be protected

By Martin Jefflen | October 18, 2016

On 17 October 2016, the platform that Eurocadres took the initiative to create on EU-wide whistleblower protection was launched. 48 organisations participated from the start, and more are joining. The case for why whistleblowers should be protected is clear.

Taking responsibility for mental health

By Martin Jefflen | October 10, 2016

Psychosocial health risks and mental health is a big challenge. The European Commission must change the main directive on occupational health and safety.

Solving the pension problem for mobile researchers

By Martin Jefflén & Tomas Bern | September 28, 2016

High-level research needs mobile researchers. But changing jobs can affect pension savings negatively. Pensions have therefore been identified as an obstacle to mobility for researchers and RESAVER proposed as a remedy.

Protecting your Kodak moment

By Jan De Paepe | August 25, 2016

The ability to create something new and valuable lift up individuals and teams, and takes them out of anonymity and gives life and colour to an active career.