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| Corporate Social Responsability

Non-financial reporting – a better way to analysing corporate social responsibility

Eurocadres welcomes the Commission initiative to foster a framework of integrated reporting bringing together financial and non-financial information. Eurocadres sees it as an important part of CSR.

| Whistleblowing

EU whistleblower protection is possible

On May 4th the Greens EFA present a draft directive on EU-wide whistleblower protection. Eurocadres has read the directive. –What this draft proposal clearly has proved is that workers rights…

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| Whistleblowing

Eurocadres starts trade union coordination on whistleblower protection

On April 26 Eurocadres hosted a meeting on trade union coordination on the issue of whistleblower protection. National trade unions, confederations and European Trade Union Federations were represented and the…

| Mobility

A quota of 100.000 EU professionals to the USA should be demanded by the EU

Last week the Commission made a worrying statement about visa reciprocity with the USA. Rather than a development creating more obstacles for Transatlantic mobility the EU should work for making it easier to work and travel across the pond.

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| Digitalisation | Intellectual property rights

Pay for my work

Many of our members are researchers, teachers, journalists, authors, engineers or IT workers who are involved in creative work and are, as a consequence, possible intellectual property right holders.

| General

We stand with the people of Belgium

–We express our condolences and warmest support with viticims, injured and their close ones in the Brussels attacks. Belgium and Europe needs to stand strong and united against these continued…

Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis and Martin Jefflén, President of Eurocadres at the TSS
| Social dialogue

Eurocadres calls for whistleblower protection in Tripartite Social Summit

In today’s Tripartite Social Summit, March 16th 2016, Eurocadres made a call for a European-wide whistleblower protection. The Trade Secrets directive is now getting close to a vote, and that…

| Higher education

Higher education should be a priority for governments

Higher education has to be the number one priority for governments and not the first austerity target. Eurocadres believes that a strong European economy will be reached by supporting higher education and research.

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| Digitalisation | Intellectual property rights

The single market changes rapidly and affects professionals

Many professions will lose job positions, whereas new will grow. As a result, many of these new jobs will require a different set of skills.

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A new European Innovation Council – Innovative or not?

Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, has proposed that a new European Innovation Council is established. Eurocadres has written to the Commissioner asking about the proposal.

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| Mobility | Skills & qualifications

The European Professional Card

A true novelty was introduced at the beginning of 2016 – the European Professional Card is available now for five professions (general care nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, real estate agents and mountain guides).

| Gender equality | Occupational health and safety

Eurocadres aiming for quality of working life

Quality of working life, is a new thematic priority of Eurocadres. Adding psychosocial health in the Framework directive on occupational safety and health, strengthening parental leave rights and support for the women on boards directive are three of many proposals.

| Education & Training | Skills & qualifications

Reskilling and upskilling should be for everyone

Eurocadres highlights in its reply that all workers, low- or high-skilled should have the opportunity to reskilling and upskilling.

| Occupational health and safety | Work/life management

Action on mental health at work

EU Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-being has published its recommendations including one on Mental Health at workplaces. Eurocadres has now raised the issue in the framework of the EU-level cross-sectoral Social Dialogue.