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| Whistleblowing

New evidence to why whistleblowers need protection

A new report from Transparency International, shows the need for whistleblower protection. Fear and lack of acceptance prevent people from reporting, yet standing up and speaking out are seen as the best ways to fight corruption.

| Whistleblowing

Whistleblowers need EU protection – lives, environment and money at stake

We call on the European Commission to urgently take action on bringing forward proposals on EU-wide legislation on whistleblower protection with a broad scope of groups and areas of activities protected.

| Digitalisation

Impact of digitalisation on the work of professionals and managers

Conference on the impact of digitalisation on the work of professionals and managers in Paris on 14 October 2016.

| Digitalisation

La numérisation : quel impact pour les cadres?

Une onférence sur l’impact de la digitalisation sur le travail des cadres, managers ou experts le 14 octobre 2016 à Paris.

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| Whistleblowing

Press conference on whistleblowing

Eurocadres is organising a press conference in Brussels 17 October to launch a statement calling for EU-wide whistleblower protection. Together with trade unions, academics, NGOs, political groups we are calling for action by the European Commission.

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A new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all

A ‘better Europe’ creates benefits for people and planet. A European social model for decent work, quality jobs and better living conditions.

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Whistleblower protection in focus at Eurocadres General Assembly

On Thursday 1st September Eurocadres held its General Assembly in the premises of the Economic and Social Committee. A resolution on EU-wide whistleblower protection was adopted. In his opening speech, President…

| General

We have reason to be proud, says Eurocadres in reporting on activities

The Annual Report shows the activities of Eurocadres for the past year. The 2016 edition is now out to be discussed by the General Assembly on 1 September.

| General

Have a nice summer

Eurocadres wishes you a nice summer.

We have reduced staff during summer, and are back in office from 16 August.

Trade secrets
| Whistleblowing

LuxLeaks trial reminds that whistleblowers need EU legal protection, says trade union coalition

European trade unions call for immediate EU legal protection for whistleblowers.

| General | Mobility

Sad day for European co-operation, now EU must move forward

In a time when we should be taking down borders rather than raising new ones the outcome of the UK referendum is sad and worrying, says Martin Jefflén, President of Eurocadres.

| Employment | Intellectual property rights

Conference 1-2 Sept. 2016 on fair rights for creative and innovative work

European conference on IPR in Brussels in September 2016. The participants will address political implications on society, companies and employees.

| Corporate Social Responsability

Non-financial reporting – a better way to analysing corporate social responsibility

Eurocadres welcomes the Commission initiative to foster a framework of integrated reporting bringing together financial and non-financial information. Eurocadres sees it as an important part of CSR.

| Whistleblowing

EU whistleblower protection is possible

On May 4th the Greens EFA present a draft directive on EU-wide whistleblower protection. Eurocadres has read the directive. –What this draft proposal clearly has proved is that workers rights…