Shaping Europe

Professional and managerial staff take an active part in the building of Europe trough the responsibilities they hold in companies and in the civil and public services, through the role they play in society, through their mobility and their openness to international activity.

Europe must not be a deregulated market. The Council of European professional and managerial staff - EUROCADRES considers that strengthening the European Union with a coherent policy is essential in order to ensure balanced development in economic, industrial, social, political and cultural fields.

EUROCADRES is convinced that the responsibilities of Europe do not stop at its frontiers. It supports the efforts that are being made to guarantee social rights, to promote fairer trading conditions for the developing countries and the various steps that are being taken in order to resolve their debt problems - a sine qua non for any significant development and for strengthening the chances of peace in the word.

EUROCADRES acts on behalf of European professional and managerial staff to:

  • develop employment in Europe ;
  • secure fair conditions on mobility ;
  • guarantee recognition of qualifications and diplomas ;
  • improve education and life long learning ;
  • realise equal opportunities ;
  • monitor working conditions and working time ;
  • enhance collective bargaining at all levels;
  • promote the European management model.

EUROCADRES: a recognised and active social partner, uniting more than 5 million professional and managerial staff

In Europe today, around 20% of employees hold professional or managerial posts. The Council of European professional and managerial staff - EUROCADRES is their European representative organisation. EUROCADRES is an organisation associated with the ETUC (European trade union Confederation). EUROCADRES has more than 5 million professionals and managers in membership throughout Europe. They work in all branches of industry, both manufacturing and service, and in the civil and public services.

EUROCADRES is recognised as a European cross-industry social partner. It puts forward proposals and intervenes in all issues relevant to professionals and managers. Their views are put to all European institutions and organisations. EUROCADRES participates in European social dialogue and intersectoral negotiations.

EUROCADRES supports the professionals and managers organisations which operate in a variety of structures through Europe. It conducts surveys and studies, organises exchanges of information and conferences which facilitate the development of European perspective. EUROCADRES convenes its Congress, which is the policy-making body, every four years.


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