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This handbook is a tool designed to help trade union officers to provide advice to professional and managerial staff intending to work in another Member State, or moving back home. As this experience is becoming more common in the Europe of today, the need for good advice will become more urgent. EUROCADRES, as an associate member of the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation), represents more than 5 million professional and managerial staff (P&MS) throughout Europe, and is ideally placed to offer this support. Its website is at

As part of the project which created this text, a network of trade union mobility advisors was also created, which covers every Member State, and is called mobil-net. You will find the list of these advisors here. If you are a trade union official or member needing to access advice on working elsewhere in the European Union, please contact the person listed in the country where you are living at present. They will be pleased to help you. Some of the website is open to everyone, but some is accessed only through the these advisors, who can reach some very detailed information in the country or countries you would like or work in.

The right to free movement of working people is enshrined in the treaties the European Union, and for professional and managerial staff, working abroad can be a good experience, adding interest and stimulation to the job, whilst allowing them to develop their skills and enhance their position in the job market. However, periods of working abroad may also have a detrimental effect on both career and working conditions, and cause stress and conflict within the family. It can also cause long-term difficulties with pensions and other entitlements, so it is very important to be aware of the pitfalls.

This handbook will help to identify the areas where problems may arise for mobile workers, and will either offer solutions, or offer links, names or addresses of specialised agencies which can provide advice. It also outlines the rights of citizens of the European Union and of the Member States which are the most important for those working away from home.

We think we have developed a good tool here, but a good tool can always be improved. Please contact us through the website, or though your mobil-net advisor to give us your feedback on your experience of using the mobil-net.

We would like to thank the European Commission for their support. This has allowed the creation of a network and handbook which can make a contribution to the development of a European Union which can be a better working place for professional and managerial staff.

This handbook is part of the EUROCADRES mobilnet project which was completed with the support of the Commission of the European Communities, in the framework of programmes and actions in the social and employment sectors. The update of this website, especially the inclusion of the new member states and candidate countries, has also been made with the support of the European Commission. Please consult also our new publication on the 'Tax and legal situation of professional and managerial staff'. The content of the handbook and the publications does not necessarily reflect the Commission's position on this subject.


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