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Europe day must be at the polls


Celebrate by using your vote in June.


May 9th is Europe Day, celebrating the achievements of the European Union over the decades. While the institution is far from perfect, it represents the best opportunity to win guarantees for workers that put them on an equal footing throughout all Member States in implementing minimum standards.

However, this is only possible when we engage with the processes of the EU. Without providing the voice of workers, the changes we need to see will not take place.

The European Parliament elections are one of the biggest opportunities to shape the EU, and steer it towards a more equitable, sustainable, worker-driven entity. We can only achieve that if trade unionists use their voice at the polls, in the workplace and on the streets.

Taking place from June 6th – 9th, these elections pose an existential threat to the functioning of the Parliament, and the direction of European public policy. With the rise of the far-right and anti-democratic forces seen in various Member States, we risk a re-balancing of power to these anti-worker, anti-migrant, anti-progressive parties. If Europe’s professionals and managers are not present at the polls to reject these groups, we risk five years of destabilising governance within the Hemicycle, with key positions, voting majorities and the ability to set Europe’s agenda being forfeited.

The far-right do not represent Europeans or our values, but with only 50% of EU citizens voting in the last elections in 2019, voter apathy amongst progressives may give them a decisive voice in how our democracies function.

With growing inequality, the European Green Deal at risk, a cost of living crisis and other crisis’ to navigate, trade unionists must play their part from June 6 – 9 to deliver a progressive Parliament to tackle these important issues.

Find out all you need to know about the elections, no matter where you are, here.