| Digitalisation | Event

First anniversary of the framework agreement on digitalisation

The European cross-sectoral social partners concluded in June 2020 a new autonomous framework agreement on digitalisation. Eurocadres will in a series of 4 workshops discuss strategies for implementation of the agreement with its member organisations.

| Whistleblowing

New civil society monitor on the EU Whistleblowing Directive

Eurocadres in partnership with the Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) and Transparency International Europe are delighted to announce the development and launch of a new online platform to monitor transposition and implementation of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing (2019/1937) across Europe.

| Whistleblowing

New online tool on whistleblowing for trade unions

Eurocadres has developed an online self-learning tool for trade union representatives about whistleblowing channels in workplaces.

| Event | Whistleblowing

Training tool for trade unionists – master whistleblowing channels

Join in for the launch of the online tool and to hear why it is important that trade unions are involved in whistleblowing work.

| Gender equality | Policy paper

Equal pay for equal work moving forward with pay transparency

In the beginning of March the European Commission submitted a directive proposal on pay transparency, which aims at targeting the right to equal pay between women and men for equal work or work of equal value.

| Digitalisation | Policy paper

Telework provisions have to be revised

Going back to pre-covid times of 100% office work will most likely not happen. A vast majority of organisations will adopt hybrid models, allowing more time for telework and remote working.