Challenging the gender pay gap

Among the resolutions adopted by the Eurocadres General Assembly on 5 November, was one on gender pay gap. This time every year the European Equal Pay Day is marked.

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The European Equal Pay Day took place on November 3rd, this year. To bring greater attention to the problems related to unequal wages, Eurocadres General Assembly adopted a resolution on gender pay gap.  The European Equal Pay Day symbolises the day that women should stop working, as the remainder of the year is unpaid compared to men.

Presenting the resolution to the General Assembly, Eurocadres Vice-President, Paula Ruiz Torres stated: 'It is worrying that women earn university degrees at a higher rate than men, without being compensated by wages or positions in the labour market. Eurocadres urges member states to adopt the work-life balance package to enable higher female participation on the labour market.'

Eurocadres urges member states to adopt the work-life balance package

Not only is advancing to managerial positions a challenge, but women’s wages continue to lag far behind men. For women in managerial positions, the gender pay gap is as high as 23.4%.

Eurocadres, which represents professionals and mangers, stresses the importance of having equal representation of men and women on boards and in managerial positions. The trade union federation also strongly supports the EU Action Plan on tackling the Gender Pay Gap.

Read the full resolution here.