Human Rights Due Diligence: How to influence company strategies

Join us on June 1st to explore to discuss the role of trade unions and workers in HRDD.


Trade unions and other civil society organisations have long pushed for mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD), resulting in the European Commission's legislative proposal for Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence. While needed, this legislative proposal fails to deliver sufficient change to business practices.

When companies, through their activities in third countries, have a large impact locally, it becomes vital that their respect for Human Rights does not become optional. Company activities should not be solely a matter of financial gain, as the cost for setting up due diligence processes is low while it results in increased profitability, productivity and attractiveness of businesses. Irrespective of the potential benefits, companies have a responsibility to uphold human rights and environmental due diligence in all aspects of their operations.

Workers and trade unions have, and will continue to, play a crucial role in the implementation of sustainable business due diligence strategies, working towards ethical and environmentally friendly supply chains. As shown by our success in advocating for European action, workers’ representatives can actively participate in the creation of better practices.

On June 1, Eurocadres and ETUC will discuss the importance of human rights due diligence, and how trade unions and professionals and managers can influence company strategies for the benefit of workers and the environment in a free online event. The presentation of a Commission proposal is just another step in the process of integrating HRDD into European working life.

Speakers on the day will include:

  • Isabelle Schömann - ETUC
  • Nayla Glaise - Eurocadres
  • Carola Dittmann - IG BCE 
  • Pauline Moreau Avila - Force Ouvrière
  • Hugues Ghenne - FGTB

You can join the event live from 10:00 - 11:30 CET on June 1st through this link: bit.ly/3KF5GJY