Launch of EndStress.EU

Today, Eurocadres launched its campaign EndStress.EU. The aim of the campaign is to make a breakthrough in occupational health and safety legislation on EU level.

An own dedicated directive on the topic is more than needed. More than half of all working days in the EU are lost due to work-related stress. We cannot shut our eyes from these problems!

We believe that more guidance documents are not enough. There are several reasons why only a few employers make psychosocial risk assessments. One is that 42% of all managers find it more difficult to deal with psychosocial health rather than other occupational health and safety work.

A joint campaign is set up to push for a directive on psychosocial health risks in occupational safety and health. We expect trade unions to take the lead together with us, and we will use the occasion to strengthen the view that PSR must be tackled.