Our contribution to the Tripartite Social Summit

“We must invest in European workers”.

© European Union, 2024

On Wednesday, March 20th, Eurocadres represented Europe’s professional and managerial staff in the Tripartite Social Summit. Highlighting the need to provide workers with the means to seize the opportunities that Europe provides, we responded to the topic: A single market that delivers for enterprises and workers.

Our contribution focused on the rejection of austerity, investment in public service, ending privatisation of essential industries, committing to strong social and environmental standards, emphasising the need for green tech and upskilling and taking action against non-competition clauses.

Failure in delivering on these points would only accelerate polarisation and extremism, negatively impact our twin transitions and decimate working families.

At a time of crisis, enterprises and workers need to see stability, strength and hope from European leaders and our single market. In our full intervention below, we outline how this can be achieved: