Psychosocial health risks – EU guide for SMEs

The EU Commission published a practical guide for employers, providing an overview of the main obligations and existing tools and resources to protect workers from psychosocial risks .


The Commission acknowledges that it is necessary to raise employers' awareness and provide them with further guides and tools in order to  improve workers' protection.

In the guidance document published on 10 January 2017 the Commission clarifies that according to the existing EU level provisions employers are obliged to protect workers from psychosocial risks and that these risks have to be duly taken into account in the risk assessment process.

Employers are obliged to protect workers from psychosocial risks

The document provides concrete non-binding tools and resources for employers to effectively tackle psychosocial risks in the risk assessment.

See Commission's website with all relevant documents on the initiative "Safer and Healthier Work for All - Mondernisation of the EU Occupational Safety and Health Legislation and Policy"