Time to end stress!

Eurocadres’ two-day conference “Time to end stress: Professionals & Managers in the front line” kicks off today in Lisbon. The conference will address the challenges in tackling psychosocial risks at workplaces and what steps forward there are. Eurocadres will also present the EndStress.EU campaign.


Conference Programme

Time to end stress: Professionals & Managers in the front line

at UGT Portugal, Rua Vitorino Nemésio 5, Lisbon

THURSDAY, 17 October 2019

13.00     Lunch and registration

14.00     Welcome to the conference and introduction

  • Martin Jefflén, Eurocadres President

14.15     Psychosocial risks – who cares? And why should we?

Eurocadres organised three training seminars in 2018 together with Secafi – a trade union linked consultancy and training provider. In a dialogue with the expert we want to discuss the outcomes and the feedback of the seminars. What are reasons for so little progress in combating stress at the workplace.

  • Mathieu Welcklen, Secafi & Slavica Uzelac, Eurocadres

14.45     EndStress.EU – presentation of campaign

EU legislation on occupational health and safety covers around 60 directives – but not a single one on stress at the workplace! Eurocadres will set up a campaign to push for an EU directive on psychosocial risks. We want to work closely with ETUC and invite the ETUFs to ensure broadest possible trade union participation in that mission.

  • Martin Jefflén, Eurocadres President
  • Ignacio Doreste Hernandez, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
  • Nina Hedegaard Nielsen, Danish Trade Union Confederation (FH)
  • Hanne Sanders, European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW)
  • Marie Raverdeau, European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE)

15.45     Coffee break

16.15     Presentations of good company cases and trade union initiatives

Company case Siemens Gamesa in Spain

  • Alberto Marauri Bernal, onshore functional areas HR director & Maria del Carmen de la Puente, UGT-FICA

Trade union campaign in Portugal

  • Vanda Cruz, UGT-P & Samuel Antunes, Association of Psychologists

With professionals and managers getting to a ‘good company case’

  • Kristien van Lembergen, mediator and strategic consultant

17.30     End of first day and dinner


FRIDAY, 18 October 2019

09.00   Experiences of some selected professions in Europe

 Moderated by Janina Mackiewicz, Eurocadres’ Head of EU Affairs

Merchant navy sector

  • Jasmina Stevanović, Centre for Research on Social Links (CERLIS) / France


  • Kieran Pender, International Bar Association (IBA)

Young doctors

  • Ellen McCourt, European Junior Doctors (EJD)

10.00     Ending the stress epidemic

28% of works in the EU reported that their mental well-being had been affected by exposure to psychosocial risks at work. 42 % of white-collar workers in the EU take early retirement because of work-related psychosocial disorders. Costs to Europe of work-related depression is estimated to be €617 billion annually. What needs to be done by policy makers?

Moderated by Janina Mackiewicz, Eurocadres’ Head of EU Affairs

  • Nayla Glaise, Member of Eurocadres’ Presidium
  • Marcelino Pena Costa, Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal (CCP) and board member of EU-OSHA
  • Kate Ling, European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services (CEEP)
  • José Manuel Fernandes, Member of European Parliament (EPP Group)
  • Maria Teresa Moitinho, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
  • Manal Azzi, International Labour Organisation (ILO)

11.30     Coffee break

12.00     Putting an EU Directive on the European trade union agenda

Stress is a health problem for all categories of employees and in all sectors. In June 2018 the ETUC adopted the resolution on “Actions for combatting stress and eliminating psychosocial risks in the workplace: putting an EU Directive on the agenda”.

  • Ignacio Doreste Hernandez, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)

12.15     Concluding remarks – introduction Slavica Uzelac

  • Martin Jefflén, Eurocadres’ President

12.30     End of conference


The project is supported by the European Commission.