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Time to set up the channels

INVITATION: ONLINE EVENT 26 March 2021, 10:00 - 12:00 CET. It is time to set up the internal whistleblowing channels to promote reporting in organisations.

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ONLINE EVENT 26 March 2021
10:00 - 12:00 CET

Time to set up the channels
Internal whistleblowing channels to promote reporting

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The event will have interpretation in English, French and Spanish

We hear about whistleblowers because they turn to media to report wrongdoings of the company or organisation where they are employed. But whistleblowers turn to the public only in rare cases. The vast majority tries to address the matter internally. Implementation of internal reporting channels is a key component of the EU directive on whistleblower protection adopted in 2019.  This event will address this issue in two panel debates with various stakeholders involved in establishing internal reporting channels in private and public companies.

Panel no. 1: Experiences with internal reporting channels 
Establishing adequate reporting channels is however a complex undertaking and needs often a change in company culture. In this first panel we will discuss with trade union representatives and representatives of the management in a company or public service their experience of setting up internal channels. What was their motivation? What have been the challenges and what still needs to be improved? But also, what did improve and what have been the reasons for improvement?

— Pedro Mures Baena, Nokia Spain & UGT
— Anna Sollien, Norwegian Police service &  Norwegian Police Federation
— Sofia Lencart Pimentel, Central Bank of Portugal
— Olinda Maria Martinho Gonçalves Rio, Ministry of Education and Science of Portugal & SINTAP/UGT
— Yntse Koenen, FNV

Moderated by Slavica Uzelac, Eurocadres


Panel no. 2: Third party providers of whistleblowing tools 
Companies have the possibility to outsource the internal channels to third party providers. On one hand these third party providers have the experience and infrastructure in place, on the other hand it raises questions about data privacy and protection. This discussion will look into different angles of third party providers of internal whistleblowing channels.

— Jan Tadeusz Stappers, WhistleB
— Dave Lewis, Middlesex University
— Zuzanna Kopaczyńska-Grabiec, Wonga.pl
— Maarten Van Knippenberg, ZNA - Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen

Moderated by Vigjilenca Abazi, Maastricht University