Our Position

Europe needs a New Path: A path of investments in innovation, research and higher education

We need more and better jobs. Europe needs more and better jobs. Eurocadres represents over five million Professionals and Managers and we know that also well-educated and high qualified managers are getting unemployed. Europe needs good managers for a better working life. And a better working life is essential. Whereas many workers are overburdened with work and have problems balancing work life and private life, others suffer unemployment.

We even risk a lost generation due to the youth unemployment. Young professionals are forced to go abroad to take up jobs below their skill level which means less access to the labour market for lower qualified workers and brain drain with bad long-term effects for the economy. Mobility of persons is one of the greatest achievements of the EU. But it must be a free choice, coupled with strong trade unions and laws against discrimination, as stated in the treaty. 
ban-euromanif-en_jpegEurope indeed needs a new path. Eurocadres – Council of European Professional & Managerial staff, wants a path of investments in innovation, research and higher education. Where sustainable growth can contribute to a social Europe that is competitive and improves lives for millions of Europeans. It is time for a New Path for Europe.

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