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European Union Unity

Eurocadres adopted a resolution on European Union Unity during its 4th Congress in Brussels 30 October 2017.

In a couple of weeks European heads of states and governments gather to proclaim the European Pillar of Social Rights, a document that the Commission has pushed for which we welcome. It falls short of what we think would be the best option for a stronger social Europe, but the change of direction is clear, and deserves recognition. It must however be followed by real commitments both from the EU institutions as well as from the member states.

Europe needs more of unity and less of division. Populism has been on the rise, not only in Europe. Xenophobic and racist parties and movements have been gaining ground. In some EU member states, we have seen worrying developments with attacks on democracy itself. Brexit, terrorist attacks in Europe and the policy response to the wave of people seeking shelter from war and terror have put the freedom of mobility to the test, a freedom which we hold as one of the greatest achievements of the European Union.

All these challenges that the EU has been facing the past years underpin for us as a trade union organisation, that we must inject new hope and visions in the European project.

We firmly believe that a more social Europe is a stronger Europe. Looking at the economy, it is positive that there are signs of progress, such as the rise in employment. At the same time the recovery from the crisis is not over. Social divides that exist within and between member states do not foster improved resilience. Our long time call for increased investments in innovation, research and higher education is still very much valid.

We, Eurocadres, are a part of the European trade union movement. Working together with other European trade union organisations in this family, we advocate for the interests of professionals and managers as employees. Being a manager or a professional often means being in the position representing the employer. At the same time, we also are employees, with interests of a good work-life balance, remuneration and other conditions and less psycho-social health risks at work. The labour market is changing. Professionals are a growing part of the European labour force and need to be stronger represented in the trade union movement. Our voices as employees must be heard as well and that we are more in numbers, means that we must be heard better. We take up the task to speak up for European professionals and managers, loud and clear in European policy making including in the social dialogue.

Adopted by the Congress of Eurocadres 30-31 October 2017

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