Our Position

Government of Hungary must stop the attacks on democracy, civil society and academic freedom

Emergency resolution adopted by Eurocadres Executive Committee 4 May 2017

The government of Hungary has become notorious for its attacks on democracy, most recently on academic freedom and civil society.

Eurocadres members are frequent users of higher education and academic freedom is therefore a fundamental value of Eurocadres. In the Future of Europe process we have commented that the EU must stand strong on its fundamental values.

Eurocadres strongly condemns the amendments of April 10, 2017, to Hungary’s national higher education legislation which constitute an attack on academic freedom. We urge the government of Hungary to urgently withdraw the amendments.

Eurocadres strongly condemns the proposed law on transparency of organisations (T/14967) and urges the government of Hungary to urgently withdraw the proposal.

Eurocadres stands in solidarity with CEU, Central European University, and other international universities operating in Hungary affected by the amended legislation.

Eurocadres welcomes the Commission’s launch of infringement proceedings against Hungary and the strong remarks by Commissioners condemning the recent development in Hungary on beforementioned issues.

Eurocadres welcomes the Expert Council on NGO Law at Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe clear opinion on the NGO-law, calling for not adopting the draft Act.