Our Position

Professionals and managers call for commitment to action combating climate change


Adopted by Eurocadres Executive Committee 21 October 2015

Right now in Bonn the last round of negotiations are taking place in preparation of the COP21 to be held in Paris in November-December 2015.

Professionals and managers have key roles and are also at the forefront of development in technological fields whose activities are essential in order to achieve good results in combating climate change.

Eurocadres, representing European professionals and managers, call on all countries, and in particular the European Union, to

  • Make a stronger commitment than so far to reducing emissions and taking all appropriate measures in order to combat climate change
  • Contribute more to financing work on reducing emissions and reducing impact of climate change in poorer countries
  • Ensure that the negotiations in Paris are real where the parties are ready to make compromises in order to achieve an end result that puts instruments in place that will be sufficient in order to achieve a real change
  • Ensure that just transition is an important part of the end result
  • Increase the funding for research and development and higher education that can contribute to a sustainable development with regards to climate change