Our Position

Professionals and Managers crucial for successful CSR

A joint opinion by Eurocadres and CEC was presented on 26-27 November at the final conference of the Eurocadres project Managing CSR in Europe – the Role of Professionals and Managers in CSR. 

Eurocadres and CEC call on

1. enterprises to integrate CSR in their core businesses and thus assume the responsibility to harmonize their key performance indicators (KPI) with CSR objectives they aspire to achieve. The use of key performance indicators (KPI) without links to CSR can easily create clashes between company business goals and personal values, as well as personal business goals and company values.

2. trade unions and works councils to engage in social dialogue to ensure that companies are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant regulations and guidelines on CSR. Especially trade unions for managers and professionals should address the need and push for the harmonisation of business goals and CSR standards in the social dialogue in all sectors and from European to company level.

3. the EU Commission to recognise managers and professionals as key actors in implementing CSR and accordingly to that to adjust its strategies on CSR.

4. all actors to foster knowledge about the implementation of CSR and therefore promote and support hands-on training for managers and professionals.

5. effective implementation and further development of EU legislation on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information

The text is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Polish.