Our Position

Time for an EU-wide whistleblower protection

Adopted by the General Assembly of Eurocadres 1 September 2016

Eurocadres was very active in the work on the trade secrets directive. One of the outcomes was a partial exception from the directive for whistleblowing activities. In Eurocadres’ view this is not enough. It is professionals and managers, our members, that most come in contact with information in companies and other organisations that sometimes needs to be disclosed in the public interest. The persons that take responsibility to act should be protected. It is time for an EU-wide whistleblower protection.

We have launched a platform for trade unions and NGOs that want to come together and work for this cause. Trade unions and civil society organisations in Europe are ready to strengthen democracy, improve transparency and ensure that private and public companies as well as organisations act responsibly.

We invite further signatories to join our call. Contact Eurocadres for more information on how to join.