Society at large is going through a digital transformation impacting all aspects o flife, including work. Professionals and managers (P&MS) need to know the core challenges and opportunities of this transformation and how to address them, have the room for manoeuvre to reflect on their leadership and train their leadership skills.

Employers need to ensure that digital data rights, employees’ rights, and health and safety are respected throughout the digital transformation of companies and sectors. Trade union representatives need to know the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and how to support P&Ms in this transformation.

This guide is written for professionals and managers and union representatives. It contains important insights, current knowledge, good practices, and guidance on:

• Background: the impact of digitisation on worker’ rights (chapter 1)
• Digital skills and securing employment (chapter 2)
• Modalities of disconnecting (chapter 3)
• Artificial intelligence and surveillance (chapter 4)
• Digitisation and leadership (chapter 5)

The guide, authored by Dr Nicole Helmerich, is available below in English, Spanish, French and Italian.