LuxLeaks trial reminds that whistleblowers need EU legal protection, says trade union coalition

The Luxembourg court condemned on 29 June LuxLeaks whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet, former employees at PWC, to 12 and 9 months suspended sentence respectively; journalist Edouard Perrin was…

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| Digitalisation

Conference – Impact of digitalisation on the work of professionals and managers

Conference on the impact of digitalisation on the work of professionals and managers in Paris on 14 October 2016.

| General | Mobility

Sad day for European co-operation, now EU must move forward

In a time when we should be taking down borders rather than raising new ones the outcome of the UK referendum is sad and worrying, says Martin Jefflén, President of Eurocadres.

conference on IPR
| Employment | Intellectual property rights

Conference on fair rights for creative and innovative work

European conference on IPR in Brussels in September 2016. The participants will address political implications on society, companies and employees.

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| Corporate Social Responsability

Non-financial reporting – a better way to analysing corporate social responsibility

Eurocadres welcomes the Commission initiative to foster a framework of integrated reporting bringing together financial and non-financial information. Eurocadres sees it as an important part of CSR.

| Whistleblowing

EU whistleblower protection is possible

On May 4th the Greens EFA present a draft directive on EU-wide whistleblower protection. Eurocadres has read the directive. –What this draft proposal clearly has proved is that workers rights…

whisteblowmeet 26 04 16 meeting room 7th floor EDITED
| Whistleblowing

Eurocadres starts trade union coordination on whistleblower protection

On April 26 Eurocadres hosted a meeting on trade union coordination on the issue of whistleblower protection. National trade unions, confederations and European Trade Union Federations were represented and the…