Council of European Professional and Managerial Staff

By representing almost six millions Professionals and Managers in Europe, Eurocadres focuses on an efficient force of the trade union movement, to develop and stimulate all professional levels of work.

Eurocadres is associated with the ETUC, but it is autonomous and addresses Professional and Managerial Staff issues.


Don’t hold Professionals & Managers hostage

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EU Trade Secrets directive proposal
Eurocadres has some serious objections to the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on the protection of trade secrets and the Council’s position.

Definitions are unclear and there are clear risks of lock-in effects that will reduce career mobility for professionals and managers. Potentially putting a ban on use of knowledge will not improve the climate for innovation in Europe.

The proposal is unbalanced and do not take employee interests into consideration.
Read our opinion paper (PDF)

Eurocadres has together with several other NGOs from the health, environment, food safety and consumer sectors, launched a joint statement about the trade secrets directive proposal by the European Commission. We have several concerns relating to whistleblowing, labour mobility, freedom of expression, environment and so on. Read our revised joint statement, issued on 23rd March 2015.



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Eurocadres reply to the public consultation on the Blue Card directive

During the spring the European Commission launched a public consultation on the Blue Card directive. Instead of answering to the regular consultation questionnaire, Eurocadres submitted a more thorough answer in August, focusing on the Blue Card itself and the qualifications aspect. Read the full response here.

Eurocadres reply to the European Commission consultation on the upcoming Labour Mobility Package

In June DG Employment organised a meeting for the social partners on the anticipated Labour Mobility Package. As a result, the Commission wished for written contributions. Eurocadres decided to reply to this request and sent in a written submission in mid-July. Read the submission here

Eurocadres on Trade Secrets vote today: Closer, but still no cigar

The Legal Affairs committee (JURI) in the European Parliament has today, June 16th 2015, voted on the trade secrets directive proposal. From Eurocadres’ point of view, we can be happy with the amendments on worker’s mobility that are now explicitly mentioned in the text. During the course of (...)

Leaflet CSR and P&MS

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Request for proposals for new website

Eurocadres wants a new website. Our current website ( and looks outdated, has plenty of old material that should be archived and is hard to navigate. Currently running on SPIP (see we are looking to migrate onto a new platform that is more easily managed and we are now requesting proposals. Deadline for submissions is June 8th 2015.

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