Eurocadres – The Council of
European Professional and Managerial Staff

By representing almost six millions Professionals and Managers in Europe, Eurocadres focuses on an efficient force of the trade union movement, to develop and stimulate all professional levels of work.

Eurocadres is associated with the ETUC, but it is autonomous and addresses Professional and Managerial Staff issues.


Strengthening our advocacy team

At the Eurocadres congress in November 2013 it was decided to strengthen Eurocadres as an advocacy organisation. As a result Janina Mackiewicz has joined the Eurocadres secretariat in August 2014 to work on public policy and advocacy.

–When the Professional and Managerial Staff is a growing part of the European work-force we have to make sure that our voice is strong. By the addition of her we will strengthen our possibilities as a good dialogue partner for the European Commission, European Parliament and other important stakeholders on the European level, says Martin Jefflén, president of Eurocadres.

Janina has a background in political work and public affairs on national level in Finland as well as in EU matters in Brussels.



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Strengthening our advocacy team

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