Eurocadres’ General Assembly gathers in Lisbon


This year, the General Assembly (GA) of Eurocadres takes place in Lisbon on 17 October, hosted by our Portuguese member organisation UGT-P. The GA will debate three resolutions: one on re- and upskilling, second one on the transposition of the whistleblower directive and a third one calling for a directive on psychosocial risks.


In conjunction with the GA, Eurocadres is organising a two-day conference: “Time to end stress: Professionals & Managers in the front line”. The conference concludes a series of trainings on psychosocial risks that Eurocadres organised together with Secafi during the past year. The project was funded by the European Commission.

The conference will gather a hundred participants from around Europe. During the two days, we will for example hear representatives of different professions telling about the particular challenges with psychosocial risks in their fields. We will also hear debates about different tools that are out there and what could be done on political level.

Eurocadres will also launch a campaign Endstress.EU during the conference. The campaign aims at pushing for a directive on psychosocial risks. EU legislation on occupational health and safety covers around 60 directives – but not even one on stress at the workplace.