Flaws of the whistleblower directive need to be fixed on national level


For over three years now, the whistleblower directive has been at the heart of Eurocadres’ activities. During the General Assembly in Lisbon, Eurocadres’ members adopted a resolution its demanding that the existing flaws of the directive should be fixed on national level.


EU Member States have two years to transpose the directive into national legislation and the time period will start running in November.

EU Member States have two years to transpose the directive into national legislation.

The Directive now offers a reversal of the burden of proof, a broad and open personal scope including not only workers but volunteers, interns etc and – although internal reporting is encouraged – reports directly to authorities without an internal report first, will also grant protection.

However, there are still a few gaps to fill, and Eurocadres is hoping that these will be clarified on national level

Trade union rights need to be fixed:

First of all, trade union rights need to be fixed: the right to be represented by and consult with a trade union must be secured. Secondly, the scope must be fixed to include workers’ rights, discrimination and occupational health and safety. Also, reporting internally to a line manager, supervisor, or the HR-department must grant protection. Lastly, it must be safe to use documents at the workplace for a report without risking criminal liability.

The resolution is available here.