New face of Eurocadres


–With the new website, logo and visual identity we have better tools to be a strong voice for the interests of professionals and managers in Europe, says Martin Jefflén, President of Eurocadres.


Eurocadres has worked together with Pierre Saysouk and his design team to set the new logo and visual identity. They have been partners with Eurocadres for many years and know the activities and themes of Eurocadres well, which enabled them to catch the essence of what Eurocadres wants to communicate with the new design.

The new logo consists of the name in capital letters, together with a pictogram depicting a group of people with one of the persons in a separate colour. Highlighting the individual in a group; a manager among professionals, a professional among workers, a trade union member in the workplace.

The semi-circle refers to important concepts for Eurocadres: The assembly, cohesion, network, connection and reflection. The graphic approach using small circles refers to the ideas of innovation and modernity. The colours evoke Europe and management but also a social and human dimension thanks to a touch of orange.

For trade unions organising professionals and managers, one of the challenges can be to find well functioning ways to communicate with individual members who sometimes are not comfortable with traditional trade union communication. 

–With the petrol blue and orange we link to our old historic colours of blue and yellow from the EU flag in our old logo, but with a more sober and modern twist. Our name still clearly shows that we are Europeans, Martin Jefflén continues.

Eurocadres is non-party affiliated and it has also been an aim to avoid clearly linking to colours that can have a strong party or ideology connotation.

The website has been produced by Suuntastudios and Mainostoimisto Luoja. Built in WordPress with custom made themes it allows for ease of use for the team responsible for updates while tapping into the broad possibilities to use plug-ins and widgets.