Our Position

Towards European elections 2019

A strong economy with a strong knowledge-base is what we strive for in Europe. We see that investment in people and their skills will create a European Union, which is good and safe to live in. 

Education is the best investment against poverty and social exclusion. Mobility across borders is one of the best solutions for cultural understanding and cooperation. By supporting research and innovations we can create a successful global market with more jobs. Digitalisation has allowed for artificial intelligence and platform economy to arise, which are reforming traditional jobs, but can also create new kinds of opportunities.

The last decade has been tough in Europe. We have faced an economic crisis, countless terrorist attacks, a refugee crisis, cynicism towards Schengen, Brexit, EU scepticism and a rise in right-wing populism. By emphasising the added value of European cooperation and a common single market, we can steer the ship towards a strong EU. We therefore encourage the EU to step up the European Pillar of Social Rights and update it to the next level. Citizens must benefit from the EU and it is easier with a common labour market with common rules.

Eurocadres is in favour of a knowledge leap. More investments in education, research and innovations will make Europe a leading knowledge hub. We will need to upskill our citizens, both our low-skilled and high-skilled population to increase competitiveness and employment rates. When new forms of employment are constantly arising, workers need to be better equipped for future skills needs and be offered support mechanisms for just transition. Education and knowledge are the best solutions against unemployment. Maximum activity allows us to hold on to our social models.

Europe should lead the way in creating sustainable economic growth and promoting green economies. Strong investments in environmental solutions will encourage innovations and create jobs.

The EU is built on strong democratic values including social rights, equality and freedom of speech. By emphasising our common values, we can stick together and make sure that these values are not threatened. As a fundamental goal, the EU needs to support those who dare to speak up about wrongdoings. Not only from a money-saving perspective does the EU need strong horizontal whistleblower protection, but also for health, safety and environmental perspectives. Eurocadres will make sure that developing whistleblower protection legislation remains on the agenda, even if the directive proposal of 2018 would go through.

Naturally, Eurocadres will work for more equal work-life balance. Not only are the participation of more women on the labour market and equal pay on our agenda, but also ensuring that psychosocial health risks are taken seriously. The blurred borders between work and private life, especially for professionals and managers, have led to a need for better psychosocial health risk management. More than half of all lost working days in the EU is due to work-related stress. A considerable proportion of our lives is spent at work and therefore, the workplace should not make us ill. It is time to end stress in the EU. The framework directive on occupational safety and health is not specific enough. We believe that the best way forward is a dedicated directive on psychosocial health risks.

For the EU to become stronger and better we propose the following measures:

  • The EU funds for Erasmus+ and Horizon2020 must be doubled and utilised to their fullest potential
  • Additional securities for researchers must be installed in terms of employment and financing
  • The European Education Area 2025 must be completed and with higher ambitions
  • Develop financing mechanisms on national and EU level to support training, reskilling and upskilling with help of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)
  • An enforcement directive on psychosocial health risks should be put in place
  • Equal rights for self-employed and platform workers in terms of social protection, wages, pensions etc.
  • Gender equality and work-life balance goals must be completed