New policy programme & action plan

What do professionals and managers in Europe want and need? The Eurocadres 2017 Congress decided on the main policies and action in a new four year policy programme and action plan. Three resolutions were also adopted and the constitution was amended. 


The Policy programme is where Eurocadres lays out its main thematic priorities Quality of working life, Real freedom of mobility and a Stronger knowledge-based Europe. 

Congress terms for Eurocadres are four years long so the programme is valid 2018-2021. The programme describes diverse topics, such as digitalisation, whistleblower protection, psychosocial health risks and recognition of professional qualifications are.

For the same period the Action plan defines the external and internal development areas. The main action aims for the four years are increased influence over EU policy and social dialogue – increased visibility of Eurocadres for EU policymakers, EU social partners and our members – and finally, increased engagement of members.

Some amendments were made in the Constitution. I particular one aim with the change is to increase transparency in the work of the Executive Committee, especially for organisations that lack representation in the Executive Committee. Some smaller clarifications and adjustments were also made.

Three emergency resolutions were adopted. European Union Unity, EU-wide whistleblower protection urgently needed and Work-life balance for gender equal career development for professionals and managers