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Building back better through the European recovery fund

Eurocadres outlines how the fund can enable a just recovery post-COVID in European Forum event.

Martin speaking during Congress 2021

After 8 years at the helm, Martin Jefflén’s presidency ends during our sixth congress

At the conclusion of his second term in office, Martin Jefflén departs Eurocadres for a new venture in trade unionism

Nayla Glaise elected as new Eurocadres President

A French national and UGICT-CGT member, Ms Glaise received an overwhelming majority from Eurocadres members.

| Event | General

Leading Responsibly – Congress adopts ambitious policy programme to meet the challenges facing European professionals and managers

Today Eurocadres members outlined the trade union’s vision for the future of work in Europe, during our 6th congress in Madrid, Spain.

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| Event | Whistleblowing

Training tool for trade unionists – master whistleblowing channels

Join in for the launch of the online tool and to hear why it is important that trade unions are involved in whistleblowing work.

| Gender equality | Policy paper

Equal pay for equal work moving forward with pay transparency

In the beginning of March the European Commission submitted a directive proposal on pay transparency, which aims at targeting the right to equal pay between women and men for equal work or work of equal value.

| Higher education | Social dialogue

Skills in focus in Social Summit in Porto

In May 2021 EU leaders, heads of state and governments and social partners gathered in Porto, Portugal for the Social Summit where the action plan implementing the pillar was signed by the representatives of EU institutions and social partners. Martin Jefflén, participating for Eurocadres, underlined the need for lifelong learning and investments in skills and education.

| Digitalisation | Policy paper

Telework provisions have to be revised

Going back to pre-covid times of 100% office work will most likely not happen. A vast majority of organisations will adopt hybrid models, allowing more time for telework and remote working.

| Occupational health and safety | Psychosocial risks

Health and safety is your right!

Trade unions fight for better health & safety in the workplace and in law and together with safety representatives play a vital role in ensuring health and safety, says Eurocadres together with 10 European trade union organisations for the 28 April International Workers Memorial Day.

| Digitalisation | Policy paper

Workers should have the right to disconnect

Eurocadres is in favour of legislation defining the right to disconnect. Trade unions have an important part to play in social dialogue and collective bargaining on the issue.

| Whistleblowing

EU Whistleblowing Meter monitors transposition process

The EU Whistleblowing Meter tracks the progress of transposition in each country.

| Event | Whistleblowing

Time to set up the channels

it is time to set up internal whistleblowing channels to promote reporting in organisations. Online event 26 March 2021, 10:00 – 12:00 CET.

| Gender equality

Women still face challenges and inequalities throughout working life

Today on International Women’s Day, we want to point out some of the challenges women face in their professional career.

| Event | Whistleblowing

Call to action: Whistleblower protection across the EU

EVENT – 23 February, 14:00 – 15:30 (CET)