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| Mobility | Skills & qualifications

The European Professional Card

A true novelty was introduced at the beginning of 2016 – the European Professional Card is available now for five professions (general care nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, real estate agents and mountain guides).

| Gender equality | Occupational health and safety

Eurocadres aiming for quality of working life

Quality of working life, is a new thematic priority of Eurocadres. Adding psychosocial health in the Framework directive on occupational safety and health, strengthening parental leave rights and support for the women on boards directive are three of many proposals.

| Education & Training | Skills & qualifications

Reskilling and upskilling should be for everyone

Eurocadres highlights in its reply that all workers, low- or high-skilled should have the opportunity to reskilling and upskilling.

| Occupational health and safety | Work/life management

Action on mental health at work

EU Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-being has published its recommendations including one on Mental Health at workplaces. Eurocadres has now raised the issue in the framework of the EU-level cross-sectoral Social Dialogue.

| Education & Training | Skills & qualifications

The European skills agenda is on its way

Eurocadres will point out the importance of including highly-skilled professionals in the agenda.

| Gender equality | Work/life management

Work-life balance

The Social Partners received a request from the European Commission to reply to the first phase consultation on possible action addressing the challenges of work-life balance faced by working parents and caregivers.

Eurocadres wishes Happy Holidays!

On behalf of Eurocadres, the Secretariat team wants to thank all partners for past year’s cooperation and send the warmest wishes for the holiday season and the new year 2016….

| Migration

Do not forget the skilled migrants

Employment is a key part of the integration process. A large part of the refugees entering Europe hold a higher education degree.

| Trade secrets

Trade secrets trialogue a blow for workers’ mobility

Yesterday (15.12.2015) the Council, Commission and Parliament representatives gathered for the fourth trialogue meeting to conclude the trade secrets negotiations. The negotiating MEPs have assured that it will not have effects…

| Trade secrets

Trade secrets trialogues continue: open letter to the negotiators

Trilogue negotiations on the Commission’s proposal for a Trade Secrets Directive: legal uncertainty endangers access to information and worker mobility To: Ms. Constance Le Grip, MEP Rapporteur; Mr Georges Friden,…