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European Union Unity at heart of Eurocadres Congress

Eurocadres assembles for Congress in the premises of the Economic and Social Committee in Brussels on 30-31 October 2017.

| Whistleblowing

Whistleblower protection supported by the European Parliament

The own-initiative report on the legitimate measures to protect whistleblowers acting in the public interest by Virginie Rozière was voted through in the European Parliament today by 399 votes for and 101 against. This is a strong political message that Europe needs whistleblower protection.

| General

Eurocadres Congress 30-31 October

European Union Unity is the theme of the Eurocadres Congress when it gathers for Congress in Brussels on 30-31 October 2017.

| Whistleblowing

Saving money with whistleblower protection

The report picks out those countries that have some sort of whistleblower protection in place – and the findings are remarkable. The report highlights that corruption costs approximately 120 billion euros per year in the EU! Of that sum, 5.3 billion is related to corruption in public procurement.

| Employment | Higher education

Realities of academic staff in Europe

EU Commission published a report on working conditions of academic staff. Rapid and continuous changes in the world of academia affects employees.

| Mobility

Commission service package cause for debate

The service package proposed by the European Commission on 10 January 2017 is causing debate in trade unions across Europe.

| Working time

Working time – there are limits!

The Working Time Directive triggered more than 50 judgments by the Court of Justice of the EU. The EU Commission took initiative to clarify obvious misunderstandings and provide legal guidance and legal certainty for a better application of the directive.

| Whistleblowing

Act now for whistleblower protection

Show your support for whistleblower protection. Take a few minutes to respond to the public consultation of the European Commission.

Child's hand in older person's hand

The future of Europe must be social

The Social Pillar has been published. The Future of EU must include social progress. The challenges that we face on the labour market call for good and clear responses.

EU must stand firm on Hungarian attacks on democracy

–We urge the Commission to remain firm on Hungary and the appalling attacks on democracy, most recently in higher education and civil society, says Martin Jefflén, President of Eurocadres